Subcess Player


Is an audio player for Android designed to play Audio files repeatedly until stopped such as Subliminal Messages.  There are no Fast Forward, Rewind or Skip Track or any of the normal functions you would find in an Audio player.  It Simply has a Play and Pause buttons, with a few extra features thrown in.Subcess Player

Subcess Player

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  1.  The first time Subcess is installed on a device, depending on the version of Android, it may ask for permissions to access local storage (This is a new requirement with Android 6)



2.  A location must be specified for the Subcess folder(s)


3.  Tap the plus to set a location



4.  Tap folder to select a folder Location (Recommended) or tap file  to select an individual file.



5.  Navigate your device storage and locate your Subcess folder or file



6.  After you have located and selected your Subcess Folder or files, tap set



7.  If you chose a Folder, you will be asked if you would like to hide the files from other music player, tap hide. If you do not wish to hide the files, tap cancel



8.  After you have set your Folder, tap the back back button at the bottom of the screen.





There are several features that make Subcess unlike any other audio player on Android.  Subcess was designed to be very discrete with a very simple interface.


  1.  In the Subcess player, the Subcess file’s META Tags are short and can be non-descriptive.



2.  If you wish to change the titles, tap dots the next to the file name and tap editname



3.  Type a New name for the file and tap  set



4.  You should now see the new name



5.  Change the file view from Grid grid view to List  list



6.  Since we want our files to play continuously, there are not Back or Forward buttons. Subcess only has 2 buttons, Play play and Pause pause.

device-2015-12-11-152417 device-2015-12-11-155013


7.  By default, when the player is active, there are no Notifications in the Notification are or on the Lock Screen.



8.  Another unique feature of Subcess is the Sleep Timer sleeptimer
The Sleep Timer allows you to stop the playback after a set number of hours once it is enabled sleep.  This default time can be adjusted between 1 – 8 hours within Preferences dots2.



9.  Within the Preferences, you have several options such as; Location of the Subcess Audio folder, Light or Dark Theme, Turn Notification ON or OFF for the Notification area and Lock Screen, Adjust the default Sleep Time and the default behavior for plugging/unplugging a headset.


Dark Theme

device-2015-12-11-155236 device-2015-12-11-160244

Sleep time (adjust Sleep time from 1 – 8 hours).  If enabled, the audio will stop playing after the set number of hours.


Enabling Notifications will turn on the Notification Icon for the Notification area as well as the mini-player and Lock Screen wallpaper and controls.



10.  Enabling Notifications adds several things such as the icon notplay when it is playing, and notpause when it is paused in the Notification area.

device-2015-12-11-155457 device-2015-12-11-160436





Lock Screen wallpaper and controls



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