Diet & Weightloss (Silent)


Diet and Weight Loss

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Affirmations:  Subliminal Messages – I stay on my diet. I am eating 1200 to 1500 calories daily. I am craving salads and fruits. I avoid sweets and carbs. I am confident. I stick with my diet because is healthier. I am feeling less bloated. I drink water. I learn to count calories. My diet incorporates healthy habits. I love being on diet. I challenge myself to keep this diet. Eating fewer calories makes me feel healthier. I am doing other things that keep me away from foods. I avoid temptations in store. I buy only what I need for my diet. I put on hold eating out. I love eating at home. I eat small portions. I keep a journal with what I am eating. Keeping my diet is easy. I reward myself with healthy snacks. I am determined to stay on my diet. I can eat carbs in moderation.

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